Gavin Jackson, our Executive Chef and Clubhouse Manager continues to share his passion for fine food at the Henderson Country club where he serves as Executive Chef. Serving an audience with widely varied tastes is no small challenge, and Gavin rises to the challenge with something for everyone, from young kids to older adults.

Gavin is a master of Southern food, with amazing dishes that elevate Southern food from simple comfort foods to haute cuisine. Even simple foods become a gourmet delight; his grits with blue cheese and scallions is wonderful, and his fried chicken has a crispy crust that is absolute perfection.

Gavin is always experimenting, and he has no shortage of bold customers who are willing to share his visionary culinary creations. Jackson admits that food is his number one passion, and it shows in every dish he creates:

"Every dish comes out with a whole lot of passion"

"There's not a dish that goes out that I don't put 100 percent into as far as the presentation, the flavor and quality of the product."

Gavin’s special passions include grilled and smoked meats, Italian dishes and a wide variety of ethnic cuisines, where he is not afraid to use authentic spices and original recipes.

Gavin Jackson has Italian heritage and he makes a marinara sauce that is on-par with the finest Italian Trattoria, rich and bold.

Gavin Jackson is without question the finest chef in the Northern piedmont of North Carolina, and the Henderson Country Club is the only place that discriminating diners can enjoy his unique culinary creations. Gavin and our food and beverage staff are dedicated to you enjoyment of the social setting of the Country Club trough great food, wonderful service, and excellent dining amenities.